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Kelly Metalwork

Kelly Metalwork 


Emerging in 1992 as a blacksmithing, welding, and metal fabrication company, Kelly Metalwork has been a resource of custom designs in both the residential and commercial construction industry. Clients include world renowned interior designers, top notch contractors, and home owners wanting to take their home to the next level. Kelly Metalwork has made the Washington Metropolitan Area their home territory but that hasn’t stopped their designs from traveling all over the country. Kelly Metalwork is famous for specialties such as spiral staircases, iron gates, kitchen hoods, and curtain rods but has the infinite ability to design and create custom furniture such as tables and benches.  Incorporating different materials such as metals and glass, Kelly Metalwork can also fabricate stainless and glass railings, chandeliers, and other decorative items.


Kelly Metalwork is a member of AWS, Central MD Blacksmith Guild and the Urban Blacksmith Association.  

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